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Bank Ratings

This site offers New Yorkers the opportunity to review the products and services of the nineteen largest banks servicing individual consumers throughout the state. Individuals can also customize this bank ranking index to reflect their own interests by selecting the categories they would like to include in their own index and then weighting those categories in accordance to their relative importance to the individual. The first thing for the customer to do is select the categories that he or she wants to include in the customized ranking. Next, apply a percentage weight (out of 100) to give to each category. Finally, apply the categories and their weights to the final score to generate a ranking of the nineteen banks based on the customer’s own ranking index. Through this process, consumers can generate their own, customized ranking that reflects the products and services that are the most important to them.

View the Default Ratings for All Banks

The scores in the table below are based on all categories being equally important to a customer. The banks are sorted by their overall rankings from best to worst.

Bank Name Score (out of 100)
First Niagara 75
Citibank 70
M&T 68
JP Morgan Chase 67
Capital One 64
Astoria Bank 64
TrustCO 63
Community Bank 62
KeyBank 60
Citizens Bank 60
Wells Fargo 59
Bank of America 59
NBT 58
Santander 57
NY Community & Commercial 52
TD Bank 52
Apple Bank 50
Peoples United 38

Customize Your Ratings

In this section, you can enter weights for any of the 20 categories used for ranking banks. If the value typed into the box isn't valid, it will automatically be set to 0. When your Total Percent is 100, you can click "Calculate Bank Scores" to produce a customized table with banks listed from best to worst.